Prunes A Natural Remedy For Sluggish Bowels

Prunes are bursting with nutrients and goodness!Prune is truly a majestic fruit. Weight for weight, they’re by far the richest food source of protective antioxidants providing a massive boost to natural resistance and vitality.They contain potassium and iron which essential for healthy blood. Vitamin A and vitamin C to help maintain healthy hair and skin. Chromium which maintains healthy blood sugar levels.Lutein to prevent eyesight failure and slow-release sugars to keep energy levels up during the day. Munching on prunes is very good for your waistline as each one only contains around 11 calories and they are fat free.As you probably already know, prunes are a natural remedy for sluggish bowels. Although some of the constipation relieving effects of prunes stems from their high fiber content, prunes seem to have a stimulating effect on bowel motility that’s independent of fiber. Even though the exact reason prunes promote healthybowel movements isn’t known, they do appear to work.The health benefits of prunes may also extend to the heart. The antioxidants found in prunes may help to prevent oxidation of cholesterol in the blood stream which could lead to plaque formation in the arteries. The high potassium content in prunes helps to normalize blood pressure, while the soluble fiber promotes heart health.

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