Top Essential Oils For Poor Circulation

The circulatory system is an organ system that passes nutrients (such as amino acids, electrolytes and lymph), oxygen, hormones, blood cells, etc. to and from cells in the body to help fight diseases and help stabilize body temperature and pH to maintain homeostasis. The circulatory system is of such great importance it is often referred to as ‘the lifeline of the body’. The circulatory system includes the blood, heart and blood vessels.Essential oils commonly recommended to support circulation.

-Cypress improves circulation and strengthens blood capillaries.One study showed improved hair growth in balding individuals that may be attributed to improved circulation.Cypress comes from a Greek word sempervivens, which means “live forever.”

-Helichrysum is believed to have important liver supportive constituents. (Sun) The liver is highly significant to circulation as it filters and cleans the blood. Helichrysum contains high amounts of regenerative di-ketones making it excellent applied directly to wounds. It also contains high levels of antioxidants, Neryl Acetate which is an anti-spasmodic / muscle relaxant constituent, and anti-inflammatory constituents. Helichrysum has also been studied for regeneration of nerves, improving skin conditions, and reducing inflammation while speeding healing.

-Ylang ylang is usually associated with romance, but Korean researchers studied the effectiveness of aromatherapy using ylang ylang, lavender and lemon on blood pressure, heart rate, and aortic pulse of patients with high blood pressure. They found aromatherapy is effective in lowering systolic blood pressure and sympathetic nerve system activity.

-Rosemary oil, applied topically improves local blood circulation and alleviates pain. (Sagorchev) It stimulates circulation to skin and scalp. Rosemary, like cypress also stimulates hair follicles and may promote hair growth in balding individuals. This may be due to improved circulation. (Lee) Rosemary oil also has a pronounced action on the brain, clearing the mind and aids the memory. It aids in prevention of mental exhaustion and stress. It also helps with headaches and migraines.

-Grapefruit is very rich in limonenes. Japanese researchers show that  smelling grapefruit essential oil (due to the high limonene content) enhances sympathetic nerve activities resulting in reduced blood pressured, increased body temperature, and decreased appetite.Grapefruit is very popular among individuals trying to lose weight and for good reason. Japanese researchers have also shown that the scent of grapefruit oil affects autonomic nerves, enhances fat burning through the liver, and reduces appetite and body weight.


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